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Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked at Big Beaver regarding ice. We hope that these can help you answer some of your questions as well.

  • Is your ice safe to consume?
    Yes! Big Beaver Ice is made with reverse osmosis water, which makes it safer than ice made with tap water.
  • How do you use the ice vending machines?
    To use an ice vending machine follow these simple steps: tap your card or phone on the reader Open the door and remove up to 10 bags of ice Close the door and the transaction will automatically be completed
  • Can I get a receipt from the Ice Vending Machine?
    Yes receipts are available from the Machine! After completing the transaction, a QR code will appear that will let you save the receipt from your purchase.
  • Why did the ice vending machine charge me for more ice than I took?
    The ice vending machine works very similar to a gas pump. The second charge is subtracted from the first charge, and the balance is returned to you.
  • Can I get ice delivered to my house?
    Yes! The minimum delivery requirement is 30, 10 kg bags of ice, and can be delivered anywhere in Windsor-Essex.
  • How much ice do I need?
    Every situation is different. Call us and let us help you figure out how much ice would suit your needs!
  • Can I host an ice vending machine at my location?
    Big Beaver is always looking for new locations to place a new ice vending machine. Call us about your location and why you think it would be a great fit.
  • Do you sell block ice?
    No we do not.
  • Do you sell dry ice?
    No we do not.
  • How can I support your business?
    If you think we did and amazing job then let us know! Tell your friends and family and leave us a review at
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