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24/7 Ice Vending Machines

Say hello to our self-serve 24/7 Ice Vending Machines, located across Windsor-Essex County for your convenience!


10 kg Bag of Ice for $8.00 

Each machine is equipped to accept Credit, Debit and Mobile payments. For your safety, Cash is not accepted at the machines. 

Each card reader is capable of providing a receipt to the user. Simply scan the QR code at the end of the transaction to access your Receipt. 

Tap Card or Phone


Remove up to 10 BAGS and Close Door


Scan QR Code on Reader for Receipt


How to Use:


Ice Vending Machine Locator

Harvested Locally in Oldcastle


Attenion CREDIT CARD users. Your bank will place an AUTHORIZATION HOLD under the name "BIG BEAVER ICE" on your account greater than the amount of your total purchase. This HOLD amount will be updated to reflect the actual transaction amount within 72 hours. Your final charge amount will only be for the total quantity of ice removed. Any questions regarding your bank's policy on AUTHORIZATION HOLDS should be directed to your bank.

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